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For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy. The developer, CMC Markets Germany GmbH, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. Every trader we’ve ever met and worked with has made these errors. We believe every trader needs to make these errors to avoid repeating them.

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You are recommended to not convert such balances completely, that’s why the quick conversion is not available for them which you are notified of. The quick conversion marker for such currencies is displayed in a different color. The conversion into the currencies other than USD as well as the conversion of the balances resulted from the open positions can be done with the Convert to context menu item. When it is selected, a submenu with a list of the currencies into which you can convert the selected balance, appears.

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You can completely convert the selected balance into USD. Just click on the x bullet on the right of the balance, or select the Convert to USD context menu command to do that. The system will offer you a quote for the conversion; the only thing for you to do will be to press the button to execute the trade. Please keep in mind that the balance in the currency other than USD may result from the open position for the instrument with this currency.


Forex Signals Trading App

The main reason is because we probably started out where you are today and are now where you want to be with your trading. Simon’s (who you may have seen on our YouTube channel) journey is one which you will likely be able to relate to. The webinar schedule is run on London Time and is scheduled for every weekday unless the UK or the US has a bank holiday. The Live Trade Room webinar does not run on weekends.

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There was a small amount of bitcoin in it that I’d bought in 2016 which wasn’t worth much then but now worth quite a lot. I didn’t have any hope I could recover the password myself so did some research and settled on Dave at Wallet Recovery Services to try. I got a quick response and securely sent my wallet and best guess at password to Dave.

He started trading stocks / equities within the FTSE 250. To close a position quickly, you can select the Close command in the context menu. Or, you can simply click on the x mark (cross) on the right in the position row. Additionally, you can update it manually by pressing the Refresh button or by selecting the Refresh item of the context menu.

This took a lot of hard work, but a lot of that was wasted energy and effort. The typical response from an aspiring trader is to try out different strategies and systems. He tried out lots of different systems which failed. It wasn’t until he realised it was his trading psychology that was lacking. It was when he understood this things came together and he started to succeed.


The DAX 30 is the premier index of the German stock market – the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The index is the amalgamated stock prices of the top 30 companies and includes big, world-renowned brands you will have heard of such as BMW, Allianz and Adidas. On spread bet and CFD brokers the Dax may be also be called Germany 30. You keep all your money to trade, you learn how to trade. We also work with brokers outside of ESMA for those looking for higher leverage.

  1. When the button is down and looks like , the menu is pinned and always remains on the screen.
  2. The social network will prompt you to confirm sharing your data with the TradeRoom application if this is the first time you are signing into TradeRoom with it.
  3. We teach you the theory, the strategies, the planning and the trading discipline you need to succeed.
  4.  opens a help window with the description of the system page opened at the moment.
  5. Event Log opens the Event Log report which monitors events on your account.

You can specify the preset amounts in the Trading Preferences. The list of the preset amounts is displayed when you click in the amount input field, or press the down arrow key while this field is focused. Profit / Loss opens the Profit / Loss report which monitors profit or loss resulting from a trade, within the selected period for any instrument.

Day trading provided him with some quick hard trading lessons. He ran losses, cut winners, over-traded, under-traded, experienced fear and greed, over-leveraged and committed every other trading sin ever committed. Funding Notifications opens the Incoming Payments List report to see the list of your incoming payments within the specified range of dates for one or all currencies. A click on the menu button  displays the menu; it automatically hides when you select the menu item you need. Click on the menu button again to hide the menu if you change your mind.


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